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Burn your MP3 files to CDs with your desired burning speed and burning mode
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If you need to burn some of your MP3 songs onto a CD, but find most popular CD burning software tools too difficult to use, then you may need a simpler and quicker program, like Free MP3 CD Burner. Its goal is to supply you with that easy and fast way of burning to CD your MP3 files without uncompressing them first.

Free MP3 CD Burner offers a very comfortable user interface: basically, it allows you to add your MP3 files using the "Add Files" button, though you can also add your files directly from any active window by using the "Drag and Drop" technique. However, remember that in accordance with the program's name, the only file format supported is MP3. You can also select your preferred burning device, writing speed, and type a volume ID for your disc. There are also more advanced options that you can enable or disable to fit your preferences, like "Finalize Disc", "Disc-At-Once mode", "Use Buffer Protection", and "Auto-Verify Data", among others.

But this program does not limit itself to CD burning tasks, but also provides you with additional helpful tools. You can for example, create an ISO image or write your disc from an existing ISO file, query information about the inserted disc, and perform a quick or complete disc erase (in case you are using a re-writable disc).

When you have set all your parameters correctly, you can proceed with the disc burning task. The process is fast and clean, and does not present any problems. Undoubtedly, Free MP3 CD Burner is a great software tool to burn your MP3 files the easy way; and, of course, it is free.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Free
  • Comfortable user interface
  • Supports "drag and drop"
  • Creates and burns ISO image files
  • Allows you to perform a quick or complete CD-RW disc erase


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